New Era in Systematic Plans

Say Good Bye to Systematic Plans
Say Hello to Strategic Plans

Welcome to The New Era in Systematic Plans!

At Mercury our passion is to build solutions by challenging the existing legacy system, challenging the decades old processes, challenging the tools that are available and of course challenging the terminologies that our industry has become so use to.

Our only vision and objective is to innovate solutions, create new tools, create new products by riding on latest technology and new processes which will help intermediaries scale their practice and eventually provide a world class experience to their clients.

We all know the advantages of Systematic Plans and how relevant and important they have become in our day to day practice and hence I will not get into what they are, the numbers itself is the proof where more than 1 Billion Dollars is flowing into our Industry only via SIP’s every month.

On the other hand, when lump sum money is provided or when valuations are high Switches or STP’s becomes a very important tool to stagger the investments over a period of time or make it a part of our overall Asset Allocation Strategy.

The focus of the industry has been to innovate features which helped to mobilize more money from clients (SIP / STP / Switches) in the form of different frequencies or Step Up or Alerts or even Perpetual features but have we thought of real challenges and difficulties that both intermediaries and clients face in using these tools?

Now let’s see the real challenges in these tools:

What if you or your client wants to:

1) Pause SIP or STP for few months?
2) Restart SIP or STP after few months?
3) Change the amount of SIP or STP?
4) Change the fund of SIP or STP?
5) Switch between AMC’s?
6) Set up STP between AMC’s?
7) Switch or Set up STP between Asset Classes?

I am sure all intermediaries would have come across above situations in their client engagements but were you able to do what you wanted to do?

While theoretically the answer is Yes, but are you able to do it practically and seamlessly on the fly for as many clients as you want on a click of a button, the answer is No, Right?

Operational Challenges and Inefficiencies force us to challenge the status quo and bring you a solution where the answers of all above becomes Yes not just theoretically but practically as well.

Say Hello to Strategic Plans

1) SIP into Mutual Funds
2) SIP into Direct Stocks
3) SIP into Client Cash Account
4) Switch or Set up STP within AMC
5) Switch or Set up STP b/w AMC’s
6) Switch or Set up STP within Direct Stocks
7) Switch or Set up STP b/w Mutual funds & Direct Stocks

✦ Start, Stop, Pause, Restart or Edit any of your above strategy on any day on the fly with a click

✦ Auto Recording and Instant Retrieving any action taken with rational for the trade with a click

Your Strategy needs a Strategic Plan not a Systematic Plan. Happy Investing!

Aakash Bansal

CEO & Cofounder, Mercury Financial

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